Our Company

Doosh, is an American technology company whose goal is to create solutions to the problems that affect the population, therefore its computer team has designed dooshpay; the first TOKEN anchored with the US dollar from 1 to 1, which has a friendly app, crypto wallet and blockchain technology, very easy to use.

This Token is designed to solve one of the biggest problems that occurs in countries like Venezuela in the representation of the monetary cone and the non-existent technology or payment processing platforms in international currency, this app will not only make your day to day easier, but you also have a multiple payment network to provide a better service to our users, therefore you have an extensive form of payment at a very low cost, our motto is, less fees, more money, don’t worry about it anymore change when making your payments in any store, or if the ticket is torn, or borrow zelle, in dooshpay you have all this and much more.

At doosh we use blockchain technology therefore our transactions are in seconds, if as you read it you can buy from a new car to a house in just seconds, and 100% safe, without worrying about crime and other problems; This is a completely decentralized and private network, new projects are being developed every day for the benefit of our user community. And remember if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact us, our team is always available to serve you.

Your Team

doosh gold

G. Doosh

CEO - Co Founder

doosh naranja

R.de Almeida

COO Director Of Operations

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J. Salvatierra

CMO Chief Marketing

Our Headquarters

Doosh Inc

It is a technology company founded in the United States of North America located in Florida and with a presence in Latin America.